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Announcement Teaser Trailer
Tears & Bullets: 1971 | PC | Announcement Teaser Trailer

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Tears & Bullets: 1971 - [Pre-Alpha] Gameplay Footages
Tears & Bullets: 1971 | PC | Gameplay Demo Teaser

About the game

Tears & Bullets: 1971 is a first-person shooter game for PC, which is currently in the early stages of development. The game is based on the 1971 Liberation War of Bangladesh, and one of the main parts of the game will be the story mode, where the players take part in epic battles as (fictional) freedom fighters.

About The Liberation War of Bangladesh

This is a rare war, where the people from all walks of lives; who got no training, no weapon or ammunition, even some of them had never seen a modern firearm in their entire lifetime; took part in the war and liberated their country — against a highly trained and heavily armed military force, who were trained to kill throughout their whole life.



When is the game coming out?

The game is currently under development, and games like this normally take years of hard and creative work to be developed. So it will take a few years for Tears & Bullets: 1971 to be released

Is this going to be a mobile game?

At first the game will be for PC. We have plans to work on a mobile version in the future.

Is this an Open-world game?

No. This is not an Open-world game.

Is this going to be a Battle royale game?


Will this game have multiplayer mode

Our first priority is the story mode. And we do have plans for including Multiplayer mode, if our limitations allow it, we will have it (after all we are not any big AAA studio)

Who is this game for?

This game is targeted for both Bangladeshi and international gamers. Age range (probably) 17+.

How/Where can I find more information?

We will be updating our website and social media pages with latest information. You can sign up for newsletter, and stay in touch with us on social media.


About Sheikh Games

— And what drives us —

We are working on the biggest game about 1971

Sheikh Games is a game development organization from Bangladesh, currently working on the game “Tears & Bullets: 1971”. Named after the family name of the co-founders (yes, just like Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark), Sheikh Games has started it's journey with the game Tears & Bullets: 1971 — with the vision of not just creating “a good game”, but “one of the greatest games of the world” with the glorious history of Bangladesh. The story of our liberation war is such a story of courage, love and freedom, that the global gaming community deserves to know.
This game project was initiated in the early 2021, which is the Fiftieth Anniversary Year of our Liberation and “100 Years of Mujib”, and our aim is to create a game that we Bangladeshi people can be proud of (due to its sheer quality).


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